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Sherrod Brown Chimes In On Latest In Washington

Thursday, March 14, 2013                                    1:15 PM 

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown spoke with Chris Oaks on Good Mornings about the latest issues in Washington namely Rand Paul's "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington" style filibuster..

(audio below)

Brown said he presided over the Senate for part of Paul's filibuster that demanded answers from the administration on the use of drones, especially on American soil.

Senator Brown was asked about House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan's latest budget proposal..

(audio below)

Democrats say the proposal is extreme while republicans keep asking where the Senate has been the past four years in terms of getting a budget together..

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When asked if the cuts from the "sequester" were not that big in comparison to the federal budget as a whole, Senator Brown said he didn't agree because it affects government services such as defense, education and health care. He said you cannot grow the economy on budget cuts alone.


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