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Hancock Co. Teen Pregnancy Rate Steady Over The Last Decade

Tuesday, March 19, 2013 - 11:34 AM

The percentage of teen mothers is going down in Hancock County, but before you start celebrating, there's a reason you might not suspect for the percentage going down... (Audio Below)

Jen Rathburn is a health educator for the City of Findlay Health Department and says last year 91 teens in Hancock County gave birth, for a teen birth rate of a little over 7%. However that's actually two more teen births than in 2010, when the teen birth rate was a little more than 10%.

Emily Messmer is the project director for Help Me Grow and adds teenagers understand contraception and the arguments for abstinence for the most part. Where the battle to reduce teenage pregnancies needs to take place is in teenage culture in general, which takes some outside help... (Audio Below)

Should a teenage girl become pregnant, both Rathburn and Messemer say there are programs are available to help them and put them on the right track so that in the future their child is less likely to be in a similar situation.

For more information you can go to Ohio Help Me Grow


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