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Induced Flooding And Federal Budget Overshadow Entire Flood Project

Tuesday, March 19, 2013                                              9:45 PM 

Army Corps of Engineers Project Manager Mike Pniewski led the Findlay City Council meeting agenda with an update on the Blanchard River Flood Study which he said is two thirds of the way through the second phase and right now is fine-tuning the four flood plans introduced in December..

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The transfer of risk Pniewski spoke of was the induced flooding proposed in most of the flood reduction plans. Fourth ward Councilman Ron Monday said many of his constituents are concerned by induced flooding..

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Both Lye Creek and the Blanchard River run through the Fourth Ward. Monday expressed his frustration with the flood study process on behalf of the residents in his ward saying there's been enough study and it is time for action. Mayor Lydia Mihalik responded by stating that perseverance and staying the course is the key.

Pniewski's message was mixed with what seemed to be forward progress with the specter of what's happening in Washington hanging over the entire project..

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One day a week furloughs forced by the sequester will affect the Army Corps of Engineers slowing the Blanchard River project down even more.


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