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Carey Levy Supporters Drumming Up Support

Wednesday, March 20, 2013 - 5:28 AM

The people charged with drumming up support for the Carey Schools levy this May continue to talk to groups in the district. A 40 minute presentation was give to several people at a reception hall in the village last night, outlining why the group is supporting the construction project. Joey Blair, a member of the levy committee, talked about increased school safety, upgrades to technology, and more efficient classrooms according to the Courier.

The Carey district is asking voters to approve a 6.5-mill bond issue for the district's share of a new school. That amounts to around $2 million of the overall $10.9 million project. The state schools commission has offered to pay 70% of the cost. If approved, a property owner with a $100,000 residence will pay about $199 annually.

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