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Seneca Co. EMS Needs Cash And Volunteer Infusion

Wednesday, March 20, 2013                                    10:40 AM 

The Seneca County Ambulance Service is suffering from a lack of funding and volunteers. EMS coordinators want the county to up its annual contribution from $155,000 annually to $986,000 saying that the cost of making a run is not adequately being covered by patient transports. Insurance reimbursements are not enough especially with the price of diesel fuel for the county's ten ambulances. Busy schedules and training requirements have also reduced the number of volunteers. A sales tax or income tax was recommended to fund the proposal according to the Review Times. The commissioners said the county is at the maximum sales tax of 1.5 percent and they are not allowed to seek an income tax. The alternative would be a property tax. County commissioners want the EMS coordinators to come up with a plan which includes the lowest cost which will still provide for quality EMS service in the county.

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