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Flood Study Funding Could Be Determined This Week

Wednesday, April 10, 2013 - 5:04 AM

The price tag for Blanchard River flood study funding will be a lot more clear very soon. The Courier reports we could know if the Army Corps of Engineers will split the cost of the study with Hancock County as soon as tomorrow. The commissioners are asking the Corps to pay $1.5 million of the overall $3 million for the cost of the environmental review. The Corps has been given $100 million in a federal budget allocation, but 90% of that has already been set aside, meaning several communities in our situation are lobbying for a piece of the remaining $10 million.

Hancock County Commissioner Brian Robertson has written state and federal officials as well as Governor John Kasich asking them to help lobby for the Blanchard River study funding. Senators Rob Portman and Sherrod Brown, along with Congressman Bob Latta have all contacted the assistant secretary of the Army for Civil Works, Jo-Ellen Darcy, to remind her how important the project is.

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