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OG School Board Meeting Focused On Retire-Rehire

Wednesday, April 17, 2013 - 5:26 AM

A large crowd of teachers was on hand to discuss how retire-rehire situations were being handled at the Ottawa-Glandorf school board last night. The Lima News reports those in attendance were in favor of teachers and administrators being able to retire and then get rehired into the same position, but had issues with the fairness of how it is being handled.

Superintendent Kevin Brinkman is looking to make the move, but the controversy stemmed from how the same situation was handled for Athletic Director Al Laubenthal. One speaker at the meeting said Laubenthal had only been offered 57% of his current salary to come back in his current role. Those on hand wanted to make sure teachers and administrators were being treated equally in regards to the practice.

No decision was made last night on Brinkman's request to retire-rehire.

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