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Debate Continues On Internet Sales Tax

Thursday, April 18, 2013 - 11:45 AM

The internet can be a store's best friend or worst enemy, particularly when it comes to the topic of sales tax.  Joshua Baca from the Alliance for Main Street Fairness talked about the issue on WFINat10 today, saying that more local stores are seeing a phenomenon known as "Showrooming"... (Audio Below)

Baca says the online store often offers a lower price.  Not because they have a better deal, but because they aren't paying sales tax.  However there's an effort to change that... (Audio Below)

The Marketplace Fairness Act was an included as an amendment on the Senate budget bill.  That doesn't make it binding because the budget hasn't been passed, and likely won't be.

There's not universal support for the act though.  Conservatives are split on the issue.  Some say the playing field isn't level for businesses under the current regulations, while others say sales taxes are a state's rights issue... (Audio Below)

Baca says he believes if the changes are made it would empower states to lower taxes because their tax base would be expanding.

Looking for the WFINat10 interview? Click Here


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