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EMA Expert Describes Process In Securing Large Metro Area

Friday, April 19, 2013 - 11:43 AM

A dramatic situation has been unfolding in Boston all morning, including what is essentially the lockdown of the suburb of Watertown and Boston itself.  Dr. Tim Murphy, the chair of the University of Findlay's Environmental, Safety, and Occupational Health Program says that process is a daunting task, and there's really only so much emergency responders can do in such a large area... (Audio Below)

Murphy says it is easier to get the order out to the public now with so many media avenues available to the police and EMA officials.

As for shutting down such a huge metro area, Murphy says it's a decision that isn't taken lightly... (Audio Below)

He adds that the only time such a wide area is effectively shut down is when lives are at stake.  It's also the reason why major employers in cities are involved in disaster training scenarios.

Murphy also commented on the fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas; saying that while coordinating the massive response to the incident can look difficult, there is a structure in place to manage growing emergency situations... (Audio Below)

In West, the incident command center was started by volunteer firefighters who were first on scene when the fire erupted in the plant.  Other responders then know where they fall in line when they arrive, even if they've never trained with the groups on hand.

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