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Area Schools See Ballot Issues Pass

Wednesday, May 08, 2013 - 5:15 AM

Several schools in the region had issues on the ballot Tuesday. Perhaps the biggest belonged to the Carey school district, where voters approved a 6.5-mill bond issue to provide more than $10.9 million for the district's share of a new building. 64% of the ballots cast were in favor of the measure.

A tax package for Lima's Apollo Career Center also was approved, with 57 percent of voters in favor. The combination levy and two bond issues are expected to raise a total of $30 million over 30 years. The money will be used to make upgrades to the facility near Lima that serves six counties.

Ada was another district asking for new tax money, and voters said yes to a three-quarter-of-a-percent income tax. The measure passed with 55% approval. The tax is expected to generate around $776,000 per year for current expenses.

Most schools in the area were looking for renewals of current levys. Voters in the Fostoria City School District ok'd an 8.15-mill continuing levy, Cory-Rawson's three-quarter-of-a-percent income tax was approved again, a half-of-a-percent income tax for Bluffton schools was approved with a whopping 77% in favor, and an 8-mill operating levy in North Baltimore was passed by just 26 votes.

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