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Mihalik Comments On Tomorrow's Appropriations Committee Meeting

Monday, May 13, 2013 - 11:44 AM

Tomorrow's Findlay City Council Appropriations Committee meeting is garnering a lot of interest, as it appears more will be heard on a Toledo accountant's claim the city has $17 million in it's coffers to pay for safety services.  Appearing on WFINat10 this morning, Mayor Lydia Mihalik said while that number seems very high, she wants to hear out the man hired by the firefighter's union... (Audio Below)

Mihalik says tomorrow meeting will also feature an update on the city's debt status with Auditor Jim Staschiak.  She's not expecting any surprises from that report... (Audio Below)

Mihalik adds that one of the bigger debts the city holds right now is on its investment into the Cube and the Marathon diamonds on the north side, an investment she says does a lot to bring dollars to city businesses.

In other business, the mayor commented on the results of last week's primary election, saying she was surprised by one result in particular... (Audio Below)

Mihalik said at the same time there are some fresh faces on council that she thinks will provide fresh perspectives. 

WFINat10 for May 13:

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