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Elections Board Suit Settled In Putnam County

Wednesday, June 19, 2013                                       12:15 PM 

A Fort Jennings man's lawsuit against the Putnam County Board of Elections has apparently been settled. Jeremy Price's lawsuit regarding the firing of his mother, former elections board director, Virginia Price, was settled after the Putnam County Common Pleas Court awarded Price $9,000 in statutory damages and nearly $31,400 in attorney fees. Price claimed more than 200 public meeting law violations after his mother was fired without the personnel issue being on the meeting agenda. Price contended this was a violation of his mother's employment contract.

In a separate suit filed by Virginia Price in 2011, the county settled the issue by awarding Price $75,000. The issue was centered on Virginia Price installing software upgrades to the board's computer system without authorization from the state. The Secretary of State's office said that was a violation of security rules. The elections board did not contest any of the claims.

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